1. What is a Feed-in Tariff scheme?

It is a mechanism that allows electricity produced from a solar power (PV) system to be sold to TNB at a fixed premium for 21 years.

2. Am I qualified to apply for Feed-in-tariff (FiT) scheme?

The system is eligible to everyone who is 21 years old and above. It applies to foreigners, permanent residents and citizens of Malaysia.

3. Can I apply to be a FiT holder when I am not the house owner?

Yes, you can. Kindly submit your proof of kinship together with a FiT application.

For example, birth certificate can be used to prove the relationship with parents and siblings; marriage certificate can be used to prove the relationship with your spouse.

As an alternative, you must create an agreement with the house owner in order to obtain permission to install the PV system at his/her property.

4. How should I start and what is the process?

You may first obtain free consultation from a service provider. Subsequently, you will need a proposal and a list of documents submission required for a FiT application, a Renewable Energy Power Purchasing Agreement (REPPHA) agreement, a PV system installation, meter acquisition, and lastly testing and commissioning.

5. Can I use the electricity generated from my PV system?

Electricity generated from your PV system belongs to you and therefore you can. However, you are not encouraged to do so unless you are not supported by any electricity utility company. It is advisable that you sell the electricity generated from the system to the TNB and enjoy the fixed premium which can be used to subsidise your electricity bills.

6. What if I am going to sell my house with a PV system installed?

You may sell your house along with the PV system to the new owner, who will enjoy the same tariff as stipulated in the contract without any penalty. The system will definitely enhance the house value.

7. Does the system need maintenance?

A PV system only requires minimal maintenance as follows:

(a) The cleaning of the PV panels; and
(b) The performance checking of PV panels and the inverter.

We are able to deliver a maintenance service to our customers for the next 21 years. This is an optional service depending on your preference.

8. Will the PV system affect the health of human beings?

A PV system is not radioactive and it doesn't transmit radio frequency which might be harmful to the human body.

9. Can the Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) be trusted?

A FiT holder is protected under The Renewable Energy Act 2011 (RE ACT) and REPPHA. REPPHA is legally stamped and signed between licenced distributors and the FiT holder. The agreement binds the licenced distributors to purchase electricity from you for the next 21 years. Any contravention by either party is an offence and the act is liable to a penalty.