You are welcome to contact us on seeking a professional consultation for your solar PV system with no obligation. We offer one stop solution service to customers, from free consultation up until first payment.

How to start?

3 steps as below to start your planning.

(1) Make a call or email to us on your questions, and we will answer all your doubts instantly.
(2) If you are interested on the system, a site inspection will be arranged accordingly.
(3) Once the site inspection has been done, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal for your decision.

What is the proper procedure for solar PV system installation?

Step 1
Documents Submission

Submit all the necessary documents for us to proceed with the SEDA for FiAH application.

  • Photocopy of MYKAD of applicant

  • Photocopy of driving license or birth certificate

  • Address of installation location

  • Documents proving the applicant's ownership of the site(e.g. letter or agreement, S&P agreement)

  • Land Title

  • Bank account statement

  • TNB electricity bill (or TNB electricity supply application receipt)

Step 2
REPPA Agreement

The REPPA agreement will be prepared and signed by Distribution Licensees (DLs) and Feed-in Approval Holder (FIAH) once we get SEDA approval on the FiAH certificate. It is an agreement to assure the DLs will purchase the renewable energy from the FIAH.

Step 3
Solar PV System Installation

Installation of solar PV system will commence after sign-off of REPPA. Ususally it will take 1 - 2 day(s) for installation. Installatio date can be arranged between FIAH and service prodiver.

Step 4
Testing and Commisioning

Once the meter is being installed, we will call the Distribution Licensees for the last step which is testing and commissioning. The PV system will function after the completion of this stage.