A Photovoltaic (PV) system harnesses the power of sunlight to supply your home, office or factory with electricity. Photovoltaic systems produce electricity from sunlight through modules that are installed on your roof or elsewhere on your property. PV power does not produce noise or pollution; it is reliable, dependable and has no moving parts. It is also renewable and thus very environmental friendly.
Malaysia's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system obliges Distribution Licensees (DLs) (e.g. TNB, SESB, NUR) to buy the renewable energy at the fixed FiT rate from Feed-in Approval Holders (FIAHs) (e.g. you or a company). The FIAHs able to sell their renewable energy to the DLs with a price much higher than the energy purchase from them for 21 years.

Feed-in Tariff Income

Area Capacity Installed Initial Investment Average Monthly Receipts From TNB Payback Period Expected Total Net Income (For 21 years) Investment Yield
Klang Valley and Johor 8kWp RM56,000.00 RM789.50 6 Years 3 months RM159,922.33 16.90%
10kWp RM70,000.00 RM986.90 RM199,902.92
12kWp RM84,000.00 RM1184.30 RM239,883.50
Seremban, Melaka and Ipoh 8kWp RM56,000.00 RM850.30 5 Years 9 months RM174,485.59 18.00%
10kWp RM70,000.00 RM1062.80 RM218,106.99
12kWp RM84,000.00 RM1275.40 RM261,728.39
Kelantan, Penang, Kedah and Perlis 8kWp RM56,000.00 RM911.00 5 Years 4 months RM189,048.85 19.00%
10kWp RM70,000.00 RM1138.75 RM236,311.06
12kWp RM84,000.00 RM1366.50 RM283,573.27
Calculations above are based on estimated rate of RM0.911/kWh, which is 20% degression on the rate of 2015.
Additional initial investment for Sabah, 10% more within Kota Kinabalu, 20% more for area outside Kota Kinabalu.
The exchange rate of USD is based on USD 1 : RM 3.75. Service provider reserves the right to revise the initial investment cost if exchange rate for US Dollars varies ± 5% of RM 3.75.
Expected total net income inclusive system maintenance charges.

Every investment will come with one (1) year Comprehensive warranty inclusive of

ONE- to- ONE replacement at *NO COST* for all major components:

  • - PV Modules

  • - Inverter(s)

  • - SPD(s)

  • - Fuses and Breakers

*Exclusive of natural disaster, vandalism, and mishandling of the system*