A world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of earthing and lightning protection system, Furse combines over 100 years of technical expertise to provide a 'Total Solution' to all earthing, lightning and transient overvoltage protection needs.

"With 17 years of lightning protection experience in Malaysia, we strongly believe in Furse Earthing & Lightning Protection solution. We have secured major projects like Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Sg. Buloh - Kajang Line, KTMB Double Track (Ipoh, Berapit Tunnel), KLIA 2, KKR2 (JKR New Headquarter), Legoland, IBM Cyberjaya and government buildings in Putrajaya. We have successfully implemented MS IEC62305 aligned with government code of practice on Lightning Protection."

Tai Yee Chee, Managing Director, E&LP Engineering Sdn Bhd

Lightning Protection

An external lightning protection system functions to intercept, conduct and disperse lightning strike safely to earth. This is done not only to protect a building's structure but also the people, equipment and electrical systems around or within it that are vulnerable to a lightning strike.

Air Termination
Conductor Network
Lightning Protection Accessories


The earth termination network connects to the down conductor network at the base of the building, and provides the means through which lightning current is dissipated to the general mass of earth.

Earthing components must offer both a low resistence to earth and have excellent corrosion resistence, as they will be buried in the ground for many years.

The range of Furse earthing products, including earth rods, plates, clamps, and inspection pits, are all designed and manufactured in line with BS EN 50164 and BS 7430, to ensure they meet the demands required of earth termination systems.

Earth Electrode
Earth Bonds & Clamps

Electronic System Protection

Furse surge protection device is designed to provide optimum protection with international compliance and standard requirements.

Mains Power Protection
Data Signal Protection
Telecoms & Computer Line Protection