Pekat is a unique team of service provider. Strong lightning protection experience in the past 17 years has consolidated our skill in PV system installation. In addition, not only do we ensure yield maximisation of your PV system and provide reliable lightning protection service, a hassle-free service to premier customers is also our commitment.

Time is gold. A reliable delivery schedule is crucial for the success of solar PV project. Pekat takes this into consideration, hence formed an elite support team to monitor the project schedule intently. We are focused, able to provide design with a social and ecological conscience, and build environmentally responsible projects.

A commitment to quality is our concern. We source only the highest-quality components for our premier customers because we believe that a trusted and reputable brand would always have the responsibility to provide reliable products. Below are the brands we are carrying for PV system.

Solar Panel from JA Solar

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd is a world leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity, for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation. The company was founded in May 2005 and publicly listed on the NASDAQ in February 2007. JA Solar, the world’s leading cell producer since 2010, has firmly established itself as a tier 1 module supplier.

Inverter from Sungrow

Sungrow is a world-class technology provider, specializing in PV inverters and energy storage equipment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV power plant systems. In year 2015, Sungrow has achieved The No.1 in global PV inverter shipment.

Sungrow is now the world’s leading PV inverter manufacturer, with over 20 Gigawatts deployed globally. With 11 subsidiaries worldwide located throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America, Sungrow has its products installed and operating in over 50 countries. As the worldwide market leader, Sungrow currently has market shares of over 30% in China and over 20% in Germany.

Monitoring system from Solar-Log

Solar-Log is the most comprehensive and innovative monitoring system for photovoltaic systems.

The success of Solar-Log systems was demonstrated by obtaining various international awards, including the prize for innovation OTTI and the Solar Industry Award both in 2012, and was nominated for the prestigious Inter Solar Award. "We are very proud of the fact that our solutions continue to convince the experts of the industry. These are great incentives, necessary to continue to design innovative solutions," says Guy Thouin, the managing partner of sales and marketing data systems Solar GmbH (SDS), the German manufacturer of Solar-Log.