Earth Termination

Structural Lightning Protection

Structural lightning protection system channels lightning strike energy in a safe and controlled manner to the earth termination network thus eliminating any hazards and giving protection to the fabric of a structure as well as the lives of the people inside.
Earth Termination
An earth termination system allows lightning current to dissipate into the general mass of earth through an earth electrode that is connected to the down conductor at the base of the building. The number of down conductor used is determined by the risk assessment calculation that varies depending on the building parameters, materials, height or architecture finishing.
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How We Work


It is of utmost importance that we survey and audit the site before proceeding to install any system. Soil resistivity and earth resistance tests are among the necessary assessments we will conduct. Our team will then work intricate calculations into a detailed report and develop a structural lightning protection system if it is necessary.

SERVICESRisk Assessment

A lightning risk assessment will be performed in line with the latest local standards. We provide safe grounding practices in substation design and simulate any risks that may arise in the design to ensure human safety.

SERVICESDesign & Estimation

Our team of estimators will provide the bill of quantity (BOQ) on material extract to ensure there is sufficient product to protect your building.​

SERVICESProduct Installation

Our skilled and experienced installation team is able to handle 40- 50 sites at any given time and, along with our field technicians, we can perform all sorts of exterior earth grounding and internal equipment bonding and grounding work, including comprehensive turnkey installation services.

SERVICESSeminar & Training

We offer regular IEM CPD-accredited training seminars to give you and the people who occupy the site a fundamental understanding of lightning, transient overvoltage protection, and the general workings of the protection system.

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